Ms. Leslie Muhlbach

Welcome! Speech communication is a critical component in preparing Gahanna Lincoln students with the academic, character-building, social and cultural skills needed for local and global success in the
21st-Century. Students at both the Basic and Competitive levels in Speech will focus on developing skills necessary in becoming...

A Responsible Community Member:

  • Possesses integrity and a well developed work ethic
  • Values diversity
  • Is character driven and goal oriented
  • Contributes to society through service and civic duty
  • Promotes positive health and wellness through responsible decision making
A Collaborative Team Member:           
  • Respects others' opinions and contributions
  • Contributes to teamwork and/or demonstrates leadership qualities
  • Is open minded and flexible
  • Is passionate about beliefs
A Comprehensive Problem Solver:
  • Thinks creatively, critically, and independently
  • Identifies problems and accesses resources
  • Creates and implements a plan of action
  • Reflects, evaluates, and plans next steps
An Effective Communicator:Listens actively
  • Writes well for various purposes
  • Adapts public speaking to different audiences
  • Interprets and conveys information logically
A Proficient Technology User:
  • Navigates a variety of tools efficiently and creatively
  • Uses technology morally and ethically
  • Chooses appropriate resources according to the task