Mrs Moss


8th Grade  Academic Connections

In Academic Connections students are exposed to a variety of reading situations including: novels, newspapers, magazines, short stories and text books. Students will learn reading strategies to use in their academic classes as well as prepare them to be life-long learners.                                    

            8th Grade Schedule
1st period     8:53-9:24
2nd period    9:26-10:09
3rd period    10:12-10:55
4th period    10:58-11:41
5th period    11:44-12:27  (Lunch)
6th period    12:30-1:12
7th period    1:15-1:58
8th period    2:01-2:44  (Study Hall)
9th period    2:47-3:30

AC Course Curriculum

v     Reading Skills                                  

·        Word recognition and fluency

·        Acquisition of vocabulary

·        Reading comprehension and strategies

·        Reading informational text

·        Reading literary text

v     Writing Applications

·        Write responses to reading

v     Test-Taking Skills

·        Various test-taking strategies for all subjects

v     Learning Styles

·        Assess learning styles to capitalize on strengths and compensate for weaknesses

·        Self-advocate for own education

v     Goal-setting

·        Establish academic and personal goals