8th Grade Science

Welcome to Mr. Merrick's 8th Grade Science /Automation & Robotics/Design & Modeling Page.  Hopefully you will find all the assignments and readings you will need with a click of a mouse!!!!!!!!  Below is information about the types of abilities and outcomes the students will be able to show mastery by the years end. 

Science Concepts:
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Students in the eighth grade explore space and plate tectonics as they continue to draw conclusions from scientific evidence that support theories related to the change of Earth’s surface. They acquire knowledge to describe how positions and motions of objects in the universe cause predictable and cyclic events. Students explain that the universe is composed of vast amounts of matter and that it is held together by gravitational force. They explore motion of objects, effects of forces on objects, and how waves (sound, water and earthquake) transfer energy. Students will be able to explain how extinction of a species occurs when the environment changes and its adaptive characteristics are insufficient to allow survival. Students design a solution to a problem and design/build a product, given certain constraints. Technological influences on the quality of life are also explored at this grade level.  


Look at these inherited traits -------------------> Students are learning about why they look the way the do and how traits are passed down from one generation to another.

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