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"Let the choices you make today be choices you can live with tomorrow."

"Knowledge is power, when you use it."

This is my 31st year in education, and my 25th year teaching for Gahanna-Jefferson Public Schools.  This is my 11th year teaching Health at Lincoln High School.  I believe Health is one of the most important courses your child will take during their high school years since the knowledge and skills they learn will benefit them throughout their lives. 

If you need to contact me, please e-mail me at or call the LHS Main Office (478-5500).

Health is a required semester course. It covers various health topics that are, and will continue to be, relevant in life. Topics include: Mental Health/Wellness, Alcohol/Drugs/Tobacco, Diseases, Human Sexuality and Healthful Living (Nutrition & Fitness). Skill development areas include: Analyzing Influences, Accessing Information, Communication, Responsible Decision Making, Goal Setting, Self-Management and Advocacy.
Topics will be covered via lecture, notes, study guides, discussions, individual & group activities, projects, presentations and outside speakers.

The easiest way to view individual lessons from our Health textbook is to click 'Downloaded Files' on this page and then go to the 'Health Textbook' folder.  There you will be able to view or print out any of the lessons you need for any of the material covered in Health class.

 Date Health - Topic for the Day
4/22/19 Sexting & Sexual Assault
4/23/19 Course Post-Assessment


Reproductive Systems

4/25/19 Ovarian Cycle
4/26/19 Fetal Development

Below is the calendar for assignments in my Health class.  The calendar shows the date the assignment is due.  Please use it to find assignment and project due dates, as well as quiz and test dates.  The assignment due dates and quiz and test dates are subject to change, so please check my calendar periodically for updates.


Remaining Important Dates for the Year

Open House - 
Parent-Teacher Conferences - 
Exams - 2nd semester - 5/24, 28 & 29
Quarter Grades released -