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Parent Library

Books and materials on a variety of topics are available for check out in my office. You may make a request with an email or phone call. My email is: Lichtcsienm@gjps.org.  



Preparing for School

    Establish a daily routine.

    In order to avoid a morning search, keep backpacks in the same area each day at home.

    Put out clothes in the evening to prevent the morning rush.

    Set an alarm clock with your child each night.

    Eat a healthy breakfast.

    Be prepared with all materials needed.

    Be on time for school.


Learning and Study Strategies


Be in the routine of looking in the backpack each day with your child. Look at the assignment book and homework. Read and return notes from school.


    Help your child remember to follow some important steps. 


    Record homework in an assignment book.

    Use a calendar for long-range projects.

    Keep all papers and work in separate folders for each subject.

    Establish a place and time for homework.

    Do the most difficult homework first; then, the easier, more enjoyable assignments.

    Get an early start. Look over materials and prepare for tests daily. Do not wait until the night before the test to study.

    File completed homework. Check it off the assignment book list. Put all work directly into the backpack after homework is completed.

    Support the effort your child is making. Make sure your child is aware of determination and any improvement.