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      Book Orders:
I will send home the first book order toward the end of September

Please place your order on line using the following code:                             
KGFQ3. Please go to www.scholastic.com and place your order using a credit card. 

In the first two weeks of November we will complete our study of Extreme Weather. Each research team is working on note taking and will move forward to designing a research poster to teach the rest of the class about different types of Extreme Weather. 
In the last part of November and in December I will be implementing lessons from the Social Studies curriculum to use for the second half of our nonfiction unit. We will be studying more about the prehistoric Indians, French and Indian War, Proclamation of 1763, and the causes of American Revolution.

We will continue working on opinion writing unit. The students use  the "boxes and bullets"  structure to plan their writing. The students will write a claim, reasons and evidence for their reasons. Later in the unit, the students will write mini stories to support their evidence. In addition to the opinion essays we will be doing group research projects for our weather units supporting note taking and beginning informational writing skills.
Important Dates: 

10/3 & 10/5 Conferences

10/12 Field trip to Jazz concert




 Mary Leopold
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