Welcome to Carol Knott's Grade 8, LA Web Page for 2016-2017!!

Language Arts:
Greetings parents and students, and welcome to eighth-grade language arts! I look forward to working with you and your child this school year.

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Please be aware that assignments for all classes are subject to change.

 Lion clip art

Grade: Grade 8, English Language Arts
Email: knottc@gjps.org
Phone: (614) 478-5550
Room: # 6
 My Class Schedule:
Period 1/2  Gold / Conference / PLC  
Period 3      ELA 
Period 4      ACE ELA / Homeroom
Period 5      ACE ELA  
Period 6      Lunch
Period 7      ELA     
Period 8      Study Hall / Band/Choir/Strings
Period 9      ELA