Welcome to Mrs. Jacob's Grade 5 Web Page!

I teach reading, writing, word study, math and social studies.

Monday's assignments

Remember to complete Weekly Minutes

Reading goal and write

Word Study --Write missed words 3 x each

Math packet

Social Studies -

Tuesday's assignments

Remember to complete Weekly Minutes.

Reading goals were assigned today...what to read and what to write about


Word Study-- test on Thursday; Worksheet #4


Social Studies-

Wednesday's assignments

Work on Weekly Minutes

Reading goals / writing goals

Math- 23, 26, 27, 28 ----24 is due on Monday

Math test will be on Tuesday

Word Study study for test

Social studies- Native American study in class

Thursday's assignments

Work on Weekly Minutes.

Book Club goals and write about what your group could possibly argue


Social Studies

Friday assignments

Turn in Weekly Minutes.

Reading goal/ What to write about in response to reading.

Math -