Tammy Huyghe
My email address: huyghet@gjps.org
School phone number:  614-478-5555
room 115--Lincoln Elementary
*Also, don't forget you can write a note in the planner to contact me!

One School, One Family! 

Parent Reminders:

1.  When newsletters are sent home, please read them. I also email information that is happening in our classroom. Homeroom is another way I will be communicating what is going on in the classroom. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me.

2.  Make sure your child is reading nightly for at least 15 minutes.  You or your child can record the books read on the reading log located in the trapper keeper.  Parents need to initial the time amount read.  Also, encourage your child to read over the weekends for AT LEAST 20 minutes each day. Our goal for second grade is 300 minutes a month.

3.  Don't forget to total the reading minutes each week on the reading calendar and write the total of minutes at the top of the weekly calendar page.

4.  Fluency practice is nightly during the week.  It is usually a poem that we are working with at school.  Please encourage your student to read with expression as well.  Initial in the appropriate place on the poem.  This is located in the fluency file in the binder. We will be sending fluency practice every other week.

5.  Math bags will be sent home every other week--opposite of the week of fluency practice.  Please play the math games with your child.  This encourages extra math practice.  Math bags are due back on Friday of the week they are sent home.

Thanks for all of your continued support and help.  It is greatly appreciated.

        Mrs. Huyghe


**All of our related arts are scheduled for the same time each day:  10:15-11:00 a.m.

"A" Day:  Art 
"B" Day:  Media (library and technology)
"C" Day:  Music
"D" Day:  Physical Education

(The A,B,C,D cycle is repeated throughout the school year.)

Related Arts Teachers:

Art:  Miss Weathers
Library/Media:  Mrs. Mowery and Mrs. McKay
Music:  Mrs. Repasky
Physical Education:  Mr. Bentley

Lunch Schedule:

12:00-12:14 p.m.  students eat lunch

Around 12:14/12:15 p.m.   students can start         being dismissed for recess if they have          
   finished eating

12:45 p.m.   recess ends--students return to  

**Students may bring a healthy snack and water to school.

Don't Forget!

*  Students need to come appropriately dressed for Physical Education including wearing tennis shoes.

*Students need to dress appropriately for Art day as we often get a little messy :).

*Please remind your child to bring his/her library book the day before library.  Keeping books in the book bag may be helpful.