Mr. Hunt's American History Page

Gahanna Middle School West
    On this page you will find a calendar of assignments and upcoming events, an explanation for why we learn American history, a list of history web-sites, important documents, and the class rules.

Daily Topics and Homework

AMERICAN HISTORY Sec. 2 Per. 5 yr. 18


Class Rules
  1. Bring a writing utensil, and your Social Studies binder every day.
  2. When the bell rings you should already be in your seat and working on the first thing listed in the agenda.
  3. Be respectful and polite.
  4. Follow directions.

Why History?
    For those of us who love American History, this question has probably never crossed our minds. We study and learn it because we love it, not because someone forced us to or because it is vital to our very existence that we learn it. There seems to be something inside of us that draws us to the stories of the past. I realize however, that many people do not feel the same way. And for them, they need to know the justification for it being included in the curriculum they must learn in their thirteen years of schooling. So in the words of one of my students from this year (and other students in the past) "why do we have to learn about a bunch of dead people that lived hundreds of years ago?" 
    I am not an advocate for students memorizing every fact about the people, events, and dates from our nation's history. Knowing every little detail is only important if you plan on going on Jeopardy (or becoming a history teacher or professor). I do however, believe we can learn about ourselves, our nation, and our present world by studying the past.
    Here are just a few reasons to learn about history.
  • If we don't know our past we are doomed to repeat it.
  • "The best way to know where the country is going is to know where we've been." -David McCullough
  • "History teaches and reinforces what we believe in, what we stand for, stand up for." -David McCullough
  • It teaches us to appreciate what we have.
  • "Planning for the future without a sense of the past is similar to planting cut flowers and hoping for the best" - Daniel Boorstin

Important Documents
History Websites
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