Mrs. Hanson Room 127 Lincoln Elementary

email:  phone: (school office): 614-478-5555      

Welcome to a new school year! Please excuse the "mess" I will organize links better when I get a chance. 
Class Schedules:
 A day: Art 9:15-10:10
B day: Phys Ed 9: 15-9:45
C day: Music 9:15-9:45
D day: Library and Phys Ed 9:15-10:15
E day: Music 9:15-9:45

Basic Daily Schedule
8:15-10:15 = Math and Special area class (see above for related arts time) 
10:15-11:15 = Writing
11:15-11:45= Word Study and Read Aloud
11:50-12:35 = Lunch and Recess
12:35-1:35 = Reading*
1:35-2:20 = Science or Social Studies*
2:20-2:30 = Get Organized (G.O.) Time and dismissal

*We will be integrating language arts and science/social studies at times, so these times are approximate*
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I will do examples with my name, Sarah Hanson, to give you the best help I can. My pretend student ID is 123456
THIS IS NOT how teacher passwords and user names are set up, so these are not my actual passwords.

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