Extended Support Services Classes at GLHS

We are very proud of our program here at GLHS.  To find out more info about our specifics, please contact me at (614) 479-1422.  Attached is an overview of our program. 
          Below are six videos made starring our students during our campaign "Spread the Word to End the Word".  Each year, we are able to get over 1,500 signatures, sell t-shirts and raise the school awareness of the hurtful effects of the "R" Word.  This past year over 600 students joined us in the Main Gym to celebrate the day with Wheelchair basketball, therapy and agility dogs, North America's Strongest Man with a Disability, games and more!  






Parents: Please send in your email address to join our classroom blog to find out all the latest happenings, calendars & notes! 

Also, please sign up for our Remind to get text messages on classroom events and information! 

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