Ms. Libby Grubb
        Contact Information
        phone: (614) 337-3730 (office)
Ms. Grubb's Daily Schedule
 8:45- 9:35      Conference/Planning Period
 9: 38- 11:11 Block 1 Language Arts
 11:14- 11:44   ZONE
 11:44- 12:16 Lunch
 12:19- 1:51 Block 2 Language Arts  
 1:54- 3:30 Block 3 Language Arts

Hello! After teaching 6th grade for 16 years at GMSS, I'm excited to be "moving up" to the 7th grade. I have a great passion for teaching middle school, and I look forward to a year of growth for my students and myself.

In 7th grade Language Arts, students will be pushed to find their own voices as writers, to broaden their thinking and understanding of the world through reading, and to learn to listen to one another in order to grow as human beings. In addition, I want to cultivate a life-long love of reading in my students. Through books, we can learn and celebrate so much about our world and ourselves.

I want our classroom to be a place of safety for all who enter, and will hold all students to that standard. That includes bodily safety, of course, but also a safety to be oneself and explore ideas without fear. Young people are amazing and have so much to share, if given the chance! That is why my two classroom rules are "Be Kind" and "Try Hard". All else will follow....