Daily Schedule

HR    8:35-8:45

1st     8:48-9:23           Rotating Intervention (M-2,T-9, W-4, TH-5, F-7)

2nd    9:26-10:09         French I

3rd    10:12-10:55        Planning period   

4th   10:58-11:11         Duty period

5th   11:44-12:27         Spanish I    

6th   12:30-1:12           Lunch

7th   1:15-1:58             Study Hall   

8th    2:01-2:44            Spanish I

9th    2:47-3:30            Spanish I


Ms. Jeannette Frioni

Spanish and French Teacher

Gahanna Middle School West

350 N. Stygler Rd., Gahanna

(614) 478-5570


Room 117

Email is the easiest way for me to communicate with you, but if you prefer to talk by phone please don't hesitate to call.  If I'm not available I'll return your call as soon as possible.