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Just Like History , Spanish, and Biology, Math Needs to be Studied too.....
The question of the year is (as always) how do I study math???

 #1: Make sure you are taking notes down in class on a daily basis

#2: Review your notes every single night while at home. Highlight any concepts you did not understand and bring those back to class the next day.
#3: If there is a concept that you are not understanding and you can not find the information you need in your notes, do one of the following:
a.) Compare your notes to Mr. Lockwoods' notes (is there something you are missing?) All of Mr. Lockwood's notes can be found on his class portal at www.gahannaschools.org
b.) Call a friend from class, or from any geometry class for that matter. They may be able to help you.
c.) Ask your parents to help....this is okay!
d.) Utilize the web. Do a search on the topic you are struggling with. You will find several resources: videos, notes, power points, examples, etc
#4: Ask either Mr. Lockwood or I for additional practice worksheets, we will get some for you!
#5: Create some additional practice problems on your own

Helpful Resources
*Flashcard generator  
*Educational videos
*Practice Worksheets







 A Little About Your Teacher
Hello and welcome to my portal!
This year I will be entering my 16th year  in the teaching profession. I graduated from BGSU in December of 1999, obtained a long term sub position as a middle school intervention specialist immediately after I graduated and then entered the profession as a first year intervention specialist in the Fall of 2000. My first year of teaching was spent as an intervention specialist at Delaware Hayes High School in Delaware, OH. Following my first year as a high school intervention specialist, I decided to try elementary and middle school. That is when I got hired into Gahanna, starting off my career in Gahanna at MSE and High Point Elementary School. Following my first year in Gahanna, I began to realize that the high school level was truely where my heart was. And that is how my story at GLHS begins!
I have been at GLHS since 2002 and I am still loving every moment of it (even through the stressful times!) My motto, stress keeps my job intersting (although I don't always welcome it!) My first several year at GLHS, I was a global studies intervention specialist. I am currently in my 3 year in the math department and LOVE IT!  I have also team-taught in the IT department and have taught OGT assist courses as well as assist courses, grades 9-12.

And about my life outside of school.... 
I have been married since July of 2002 to a wondeful, gifted, and compassionate man by the name of Trent. We have 3 high energy, intelligent, loving children-Kaia, age 5 and Caden, age 9, and Caprica, our 9 month old Carolina dog/Great Dane mix.  They are good kids, and LOVE having a mom that is a teacher!
In my free time, which is SO often, I enjoy the following:
*Spending time with friends and family
*Shopping (my 3 loves-Nordstrom Rack, the Loft, and Costco!)
*Home organization
*Home projects
*Water parks-Zoombezi Bay is our 2nd home!
*Playing with our dog
*Fitness....running, dance, rock climbing, weight lifting