Ms. JoAnn Diroll / Room J175: English 9 / Honors English 9

Contact me at                                                       Class time/work requires some flexibility; assignments are subject to change.        
Classwork and Assessments: March 27 - 31        
Honors English 9: Periods 1 and 5
Read and prepare evidence for Of Mice and Men by Friday, 3/31/17.

Monday:  Continue looking for sources / create source cards
Tuesday:  Last day to gather sources, create source cards, potentially  begin notes
Wednesday: Note taking
Thursday: Note taking, write thesis statement
Friday: 30 note cards due / Of Mice and Men quotations assessment and in class writing






English 9: Periods 2, 6, 8
Monday: Review rubric for argumentative essay / Revise and edit drafts and submit
Tuesday:  Handout: How to annotate a text / Read article and annotate
Wednesday: Informational Text: "Miraculous Lost and Found" and "The Most Important Rule" Annotate, partner read / thesis for and questions about the readings
Thursday: AIR test practice
Friday:  AIR test practice

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