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1 -  CBI Related              L204
2 - English 9                    L204
3 - CBI Coordination        L204
4 - Lunch
5 - CBI Related               L204
6 - English 9                    L204
7 - CBI Coordination        L204.
8 - Conference

10/24  -  10/28/16
Related: Please check your child's "Academic Options" planners with a schedule for study times for the week included. We will be having Skill Days on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. We will be continuing with our Attitude section.  

English:   Students have finished reading "Scarlet Ibis" we will be working on a large packet which will be graded as the test for Scaret Ibis please ask your child to share the packet with you to make sure progress is being made.
Any Questions please feel free to contact;
Mr. Davis    daviss@gjps.org