Upcoming Dates for the 2015-2016 School Year:
Walk-a-Thon= Friday October 2nd (Rain date 9th)!
Fall Mileage Club= September 21st- October 28thh (2nd-5th grade).
Veteran's Day Program= Friday November 13th!
Climbing Wall Parent Training= Dec. 1st  (more info to come).
Fall Climbing Wall=  Wednesday Dec. 2nd- Tuesday December 15th!
Fit Kids=  Wednesday or Thursday starting Jan. 20th through Feb. 25th.
(1st through 5th grade).
Spring Climbing Wall=  Monday February 29th-Friday March 11th. 
MEGA Mileage Club= Wednesdays only March 23rd-May 11th (4th/5th grades).
Spring Mileage Club= Tuesday and Thursdays April 12th-May 19th  (2nd-5th grade).
FIT 5K (Families In Training)= Friday May 15th!
 Just a reminder on PE days students MUST wear appropriate shoes.  This is a major safety issue.  Students are asked to wear tennis shoes, or something similar, to Physical Education.  Students who wear Crocs, Keens, sandals, non-rubber soled dress shoes, and boots, will not be able to participate in that day’s activities.  Every student has been informed of this rule and the reasoning behind it.  I understand that tennis shoes are not always the most fashionable option, but then students could at least bring an extra pair of tennis shoes to change into on PE days.  Thank you for helping me with this rule because it is important for your child’s safety and the safety of others.
Phone: (614) 478-5545

Miss Coldwell:  I am currently in my 14th year teaching Physical Education and Wellness here at High Point.  I am originally from Mt. Gilead, OH. I graduated in 2000 from Denison University with a degree in Sports Management, Physical Education, and Psychology. I then went on to Bowling Green State University for School Guidance Counseling. After going back to Denison, in 2002 I earned my Education degree and teaching certifications in Health and Physical Education (K-12). In 2003 I earned my Master's of Education from Bowling Green. In addition, I am a Nationally Certified Personal Trainer (since 1997).
2015/2016 Physical Education/ Wellness Schedule!
  A Day:

8:15  Gordon
8:45   Jantzen
9:15   Annarino          
9:45   Airel
10:15 Wingert        
11:15 Lunch Duty              12:15 Bradic
12:45 Rak
1:45   Smith

 B Day:

8:15   Mackie
8:45   Brown 
9:45   McGrath 
11:00 Lunch Duty              11:45 Rincon                 
12:15 Lunch Duty
12:45  Ovies
1:15    Sheets
1:45    Donelson

 C Day:

8:15  Jantzen
8:45  Pape
9:15   Mooney
9:45  Airel         
10:15 Dolder
11:15 Lunch Duty
12:15 Bishop
12:45 Rak                                1:45  Jacob

 D Day:

8:15   Gordon
8:45   Brown         
9:15   Annarino
10:15  Linnabary
10:45  Wingert
11:30  Lunch Duty
12:15  Bradic
1:15    Smith
1:45    Donelson

 E Day:

8:15   Mackie                    
8:45   Pape 
9:15   Mooney                    9:45   McGrath
10:15 Dolder
11:45 Rincon
12:15 Bishop
12:45 Ovies
1:15   Sheets         
1:45  Jacob