Basic Information for Mr. Browning's Class:
1.) Students will be told about all tests 5-7 days in advance.
2.) Homework will be given 1-2 times a week.
3.) Students should be creating a study guide for each unit. They have been instructed to review all material that they receive in class and add a few questions to their study guide each night.
4.) They have also been instructed the importance of developing consistent study habits for all of their classes.
Mr. Browning's Daily Schedule:
Homeroom/1st Period:     8:40-9:35 - American History
2nd Period:                       9:38-10:23 - Study Hall Duty
3rd Period:                       10:26-11;11 -Conference Period
4th Period/Zone               11:14-12:31 - American History
5th Period:                       12:31-1:03 - Lunch
6th Period:                        1:06-1:51 - American History
7th Period:                        1:54-2:39 - American History
8th Period:                        2:42-3:30 - American History
Our text book for American History is Discovering Our Past by McGraw Hill. We have just received our classroom sets of this new book and more information will arrive soon.
1st 9 Weeks Schedule:
8/14-8/25 - Chapter 3 (Early Colonization)
8/28-9/8 - Chapter 4 (Colonization)
9/11-9/14 - 9/11 Unit
9/15-9/26 - American Revolution Period (1763-1783)
9/27-10/6 - Constitutional Convention
10/9-10/27- US Constitution