Please visit my classroom website at mrsbrickmanglhs.weebly.com for assignments and resources

Algebra II Supply List:
TI Graphing Calculator (83 plus or 84 recommended)
Pencils (with erasers)
Binder (at least 1 inch)
Graph Paper (loose leaf or notebook)
Colored Pencils (Optional, but will be used regularly)

Classroom Website: mrsbrickmanglhs.weebly.com

School Phone:  (614) 478-5500

My Schedule:
1st period - Algebra II (Room H131)
2nd period - Algebra II (Room H131)
3rd period - Algebra II Assist (Room H131)
4th period - Algebra II (Room H131)
5th period - Lunch
6th period - Algebra II (Room H131)
7th period - Algebra II (Room H131)
8th period - Conference Period