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Students wanting help need to come to the upstairs science office at the following times:
  1. Come the first 15 minutes of 5th period, which is from 11:20 to 11:35
  2. Come the first 15 minutes of 7th period, which is from 1:08 to 1:23 (except Wednesdays)
  3. Come the first 20 minutes after school, which is from 2:56 to 3:16
You can find the upstairs science office by walking in the main doors of the high school by the principal’s office. Make a left and walk past the auditorium and the Student Hall of Fame. Walk up the steps at the end of the hallway. When you get to the top of the steps the upstairs science office is on your left.  

Students can also get one hour of chemistry help on Thursdays 
after school in room H292. However be aware that there are 3 chemistry teachers at the high school and we are alternating who will work with students after school on Thursdays.  

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