Mr. Bonath - World History 7th Grade

World History Rocks!
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Welcome back to GMSS, everyone! Thank you all for being as welcoming as you have been. 

This class operates in conjunction with both Google Classroom and Schoology ("school-ogy"), an online classroom tool. Students are encouraged to create a Schoology login ID by going to and following the directions below (at bottom). 

Google Classroom will be used mostly for student responses to our Weekly Check-ins while Schoology will be used mainly as an online storage device [students will be able to access any lessons, handouts, study guides, answer keys, etc.].

Parents/Guardians, you are also more than welcome to join my Schoology class! I would ask that when setting up accounts, please create a separate one for yourself - students will have certain permissions (taking quizes, playing review games, joining in on discussion, etc.) that parents will not be able to complete. 

As a "parent/guardian" on Schoology, you will be able to access files and downloads, see what we're learning, and more - however you will not have the ability to partake in discussions and take quizzes, etc. 

Schoology directions:

2. at the top, click "sign up"
3. choose "student" (or "parent")
4. type in my access code for my class (D45H7-JRJ28)
5. fill out the information needed
6. you are in!
**Parents/Guardians, the "parent" signup feature requires a Parent Access Code - all of these are individualized per parent or guardian. If you would like access please email me and I can send your personalized code ASAP!

All of my class information and documentation can be found by clicking on "courses" at the top, then "World History."

Schoology is a great resource for finding missing information if you were absent, contacting me directly for questions on homework, and much more. Please rest assured, students cannot communicate with each other via Schoology - only on in-class, monitored discussion boards is that even available. 

Feel free to explore Schoology and contact me with any questions! 

Here's to a wonderful year,

Andy Bonath

3rd Period

SOC STUDY 7 Sec. 2 Per. 3 yr. 18

5th Period

SOC STUDY 7 Sec. 3 Per. 5 yr. 18

6th Period

SOC STUDY 7 Sec. 4 Per. 6 yr. 18

7th Period

SOC STUDY 7 Sec. 5 Per. 7 yr. 18

8th Period

SOC STUDY 7 Sec. 6 Per. 8 yr. 18