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Welcome to my virtual classroom!
Please use this site as a resource and informative outlet for our weekly classroom activities and assignments. It is also the best place to find any course materials we use throughout the year.  

 Contact Information
Twitter: @BommscienceGLHS 
Phone: (614) 269-4662

              Classroom creature, Eliot the Axolotl!   

 These are the monthly calendars that outline what we will do in class each day. It will be updated multiple times during the week, so feel free to check it frequently!

Biology/Environmental Science Assignment Calendar 2016-2017


I have setup a twitter account for our classes this year. The page is designed to act as a resource for links to articles, photographs, and for students to post meaningful thoughts about subject matter that we cover throughout the year. I encourage both students and parents to "follow" the page and check in on occasion to see what students are sharing about the class. Students will be given the option to respond to some in-class assignments on the page, as well as submit enrichment assignments.

This is a link to set up an individual twitter account to utilize this feature of the class!

**Please note, the use of this site is for educational purposes ONLY. There should only be school appropriate content linked to this page. Remember that what you post on social media sites is not only a reflection of yourself but also the school you now represent. Have P.R.I.D.E. in what you Post! 

                                                               My Daily Schedule 



Room # 


(7:35 - 8:23)




 (8:29 - 9:17)




 (9:23 - 10:20)

 Environmental Science

(B Days)



 (10:26 - 11:14)

 Environmental Science

(B Days)



(11:20 - 12:08)




 (12:14 - 1:02) 


Downstairs Science Office/ H193

(Check both or ask me earlier in the day!)


(1:08 - 1:56)

Learning Lab

(Available for conference)



 (2:02 - 2:50)





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