Mike Beaver
Department: Mathematics(Geometry)
Email: Contact Me
Phone: (614) 478-5500
Room: # J 282

Background Information:

I am currently in my 17th year as a mathematics teacher here at GLHS. Before coming to Gahanna, I received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Otterbein College. I have also obtained a master's degree from the University of Dayton in Educational Leadership.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Student Grades can be accessed on-line via the Home access center. If you do not have a pass word or can not remember your pass word, Please call the school to find out what your pass word is.


  The entire CPM text is online with many other resources such as tutorials, extra problems, and practice tests for each chapter.  Also, the textbook contains many extra practice problems through "checkpoints. To access these materials simply click on the link below
CPM home website: www.cpm.org


There is a math lab in room J 178 which is available every period of the day here at the high school.  Students can sign out of study hall or lunch and go to the math lab for tutoring any period of the day.  See your teacher for a pass.  Also, Mr. Beaver is always available for extra help. Please ask for help anytime that you feel that you need it.
My Schedule:
Period 1: Algebra 1  Room J 282
Period 2:  Algebra 1 Room J 282
Period 3: Algebra 1 Room J 282
Period 4 : Algebra 1 Room J 282
Period 5: Lunch Room J 282 or J 179
Period 6: Conference Room J 179 or J 282
Period 7: Algebra 1  Room J 282
Period 8: Algebra 1  Room J 282
Student Resources:

Click on the following link to download gaphpaper:
Homework assigments are linked to this website. Click on "Algebra 1" or "Geometry" in the top left corner of this page to view assignments.