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 Important Dates

May 24 - PRIDE Talk to honor 5th graders in the gym @ 9am 

May 24 - 5th grade "Pizza Picnic" Noon - 2:10

May 25 - 
  • Students last day of school
  • SuperGames/ PRIDE Picnic
  • CLAP OUT the 5th Graders at 2pm

  Blacklick Expectations
We are
May 23, 2017
Dear Parents,
It seems as if the last trimester has simply flown by! We completed all state tests, finished the last units in math and science, then went on to the final unit in social studies. We had a field trip to go bowling, our last game club meeting, and 6th grade orientation.  Much of the last six weeks was filled with economics lessons and preparation for Business Day. One of the highlights of this time was the Let's talk Business day.  Thank you to all the parents who were able to be a panelist and share their economic expertise with our students. It really helped them better understand economics and learn about careers.  Many referred to what they learned when completing their own career research project.  

And now we are in the last week of fifth grade. Unbelievable!  The kids used the money they saved from business day to buy a buy extra recess on Monday and also finally watched Apolllo XIII. Today they witnessed chemical changes by making slime and by shooting off film canister rockets, many of which are now on the school roof! It was fun!

Tomorrow at 9AM is our end of the year PRIDE Talk to honor each of our 5th grade students.  I hope you will be able to attend.  It's a good one.  We will be having our 5th grade "pizza picnic" at noon.  Thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Warrick who picked up the pizza for family game night and are doing it again tomorrow for the 5th graders.  The weather forecast does not look promising so we have worked out a plan for an indoor celebration "just in case."  It will be a great time no matter where we are!

Thursday is SuperGames.  We are waiting on the latest weather report to see how this will go.  Don't forget to send a towel, and a set of dry clothes as the kids will get wet!  The clap out/drum out is at 2 pm.  Come on over and help us say goodbye to our 5th graders as they head on down the road to middle school!

And finally, I want to thank all of you for your support this year. Your kids are amazing and so are each of you!

Have a wonderful summer!  Enjoy every minute that you can with your kids.  
Paulie Basford
What we are doing in
 Class this Week and Next
Language Arts  Mrs. Gurney (or Mrs. Hutson or Mrs. Nicholson)
Most of your kids will receive Language Arts instruction from Mrs. Gurney.  They leave my room after specials each day and go to her room from 10:20 until Noon, and again after recess from 12:45 - 1:15.  She will keep you informed on what the students are learning/doing each week.  
Please don't forget that it is a 5th grade expectation that each student will read at home for an average of 30 minutes per day. All students must record their reading on the log provided by Mrs. Gurney. The log can also be accessed on her classroom blog.    
            Image result for clip art triangles classification     Image result for clip art quadrilaterals classification
Welcome to math, the coolest subject around!  We believe that if you can do math, you can do ANYTHING!!
We've gotten through all AIR tests and the end of the year district test as well as completing the last Investigations unit on 2D geometry.  We are done with 5th grade math and ready to move on to middle school math.  I think they are going to rock math in 6th grade!  Most of these kids have developed confidence and a love (a strong like?? :-) ) of math and truly understand why it is important to study.  

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The students did an amazing job on the unit test on Earth and Space Part 2.  I hope they spend some time this summer looking  up at the planets and constellations and remembering the cool things they learned about them!

 Image result for clip art economics          Image result for clip art economics                  
Social Studies            
Business Day was AWESOME!  It was the best ever! I could tell from the work the kids did to learn and prepare for this big day, plus the comments they made in their evaluations that they really learned a lot about economics. 
The best way to contact me is through email.  My address is basfordp@gjps.org  
 Parents may also send notes to school with their children or write a note in the planner. 
Most specials are scheduled between 9:20am and 10:20 am
A: Library     
B:  Music and PE
C:  Music  
D:  PE 
E:  Art
Note:  Our guidance counselor at Blacklick is Mrs. Jenkins. She meets with our class once a month on either A or B day.