This is my twentieth year teaching and I am ready for the next fifteen years!  I am currently one of two yearbook advisors for South and I also lead the Chess Club during the winter months.  My extra-curricular activities outside of school are Olivia, age 12 and Katie, age 10; they keep me very busy every day of the week! I also love to read young adult literature and enjoy daily and nightly walks with Norman and Stanley my Shih Tsu dogs. My passion as a teacher is to teach kids to be readers and I am always giving book suggestions to current students as well as students that I have previously had in class.  It is my goal to differentiate lessons to meet the needs of all students. It is easiest to reach me by email at baldwinj@gjps.org.  Feel free to email or call if ever you have a concern.  I look forward to getting to know each and every student this year.
 The  structure of our classroom allows for the teacher to work 1-1 with kids or in small groups.  Students will be reading, writing and focusing on word work.  My students are expected to read various genres over the course of the year.  Every week we will have one student per block that will be sharing their nonfiction reading that they selected. Students are permitted to bring in healthy snacks and water on a daily basis.  Since we do a lot of in-class work, students do not always have homework per se.  We do expect them to read nightly for at least 30 minutes when there is not a specific assignment.
Students are also encouraged to find words from our Word Wall while reading their independent reading book.