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Welcome to Heather Bailey-Lewis' First Grade Web Page!

Teacher: Heather Bailey-Lewis

Grade: First Grade


Phone: (614) 759-5100

Room: 74

Important School Information:
*Parents, please remember to take the time to nightly read and initial Daily Planners, as this is a wonderful form of communication for us! 

*Don't forget that the tardy bell rings at 8:00 and dismissal is 2:25. 

*If you would like to join us for lunch, our lunchtime begins at 11:00 and ends at 11:45. Lunch is $2.75 and milk alone is .50 cents. 

*Last but not least, if your child has a change of transportation after school please send a note that morning or email me at the previous day to inform me. If your child attends Kidsplace they need to be informed as well. 

I appreciate all of your effort and look forward to a wonderful school year!

Weekly Homework...

*Homework packets are due every Monday. :-)  Nightly Reading is considered homework too!  Please make sure to initial Reading logs nightly so that I can keep track of your child's progress.  Homework packets this year will focus on Math fluency.  Please take the time to play these math games nightly with your child.

Content Areas:

The following areas will be covered in our Math program this First Trimester:
*Number Sense
*Counting and Quantity
*Counting and Grouping
*Composing Numbers
*Story problems 

During the first Trimester of the school year our main focus revolves around Social Studies concepts and "Getting" to know each other.  Listed below are the different area(s) that will be introduced to your child.  Please remember to ask your child questions nightly on what they are learning throughout the school week.  I usually ask my son and daughter what they liked (instead of learned) most about their school day and surprisingly I get a better response!  :-)  Don 't accept "I don't know" as an answer.  Try to engage your child to be able to tell you at least one fact a day they have learned.  Their comprehension skills will greatly increase because of this.  Thank you for all your support!

Word Study:
*Priority Word recognition with fluency
*Letter recognition and letter sound recognition

Specials Calendar for 2014-15:
A Day: P.E. (12:10-12:40)
B Day: Music (12:40-1:10)
C Day: P.E. (12:10-12:40)
D Day: Art (12:10-12:40)
E Day: Music/Library (12:10-1:10)

***All academic content taught aligns with the "Ohio Learning Standards."