With the development of e-learning tools teachers can now explore different pedagogical approaches.  Educators are now challenged to use these tools to enable a learner centric curriculum, there are many ways to encourage this, one particular pathway could be to develop learner agency.  This seminar will explore the concept of agency, and how it challenges traditional views of teaching and learning, as well as the role of technology in supporting realistic implementation of this in our classrooms.  

  • Explore the concept of agency
  • Understand how and why it is applicable in our classrooms
  • Collaborate on effective ways to foster agency in your classroom
  • Create an authentic and relevant resource/idea for your teaching

Suggested timetable:

Tuesday/Wednesday - 1a: Read Bandura (2001) and watch the clip (Wenmoth 2014) and post to forum 1b: Collaborate on shared definition.  (2 - 3 hours)

Wednesday/Thursday - 2a: Read the Hewett (2001) then  post to the forum.  2b: Read Mitchell (2007) then collaborate on mind map. (2  - 3 hours)

Thursday/Friday - 3: Read Fancsali et al. (2013) then complete Task 3: Learner Agency through e-learning (2 - 3 hours)

(Preston, 2014)

If anyone would like to participate in a Google Hangout we can schedule one for the end of the week to discuss concepts and ideas as an alternative to the collaborative work in task 2.

My email is tigander@gmail.com if anyone needs to contact me, it is faster than stream as I can check it regularly.

Preston, D. (2014). (RE)VITALIZE VISUALS » David Preston on Open Learning. Visualsforchange.com. Retrieved 5 May 2014, from http://www.visualsforchange.com/blog/2012/12/11/david-preston-on-open-learning/
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