Course Description:

The seventh grade Mathematics program provides students with opportunities and resources to develop their mathematical and critical thinking skills through instruction, hands-on activities, technology, and real-world situations.

Contact Information:

Mrs. Ashley Teagarden - Room #104 - Ashley.Teagarden@girardcityschools.org - 330-545-5431 ext. 104

My planning period is from 7:30-8:05 am. I will return phone calls during my planning period or after 2:35 when school is dismissed.


Join remind and get text messages when students have tests, quizzes, homework etc.


Instructional Tools:

Study Island

Moby Max



Simple Solutions

Coach Workbook

Kuta Software

Curriculum Units:

**The Mathematics Common Core Learning Standards for Math grade 7 will be followed. Many standards overlap and will be used for multiple units/activities even after the focus of the unit has been completed.

4-6 Weeks: The Number System

Adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing integers, decimals, and fractions

4-6 weeks: Ratios & Proportional Relationships

Rates, ratios, unit rates, proportional relationships, tip, tax, discount, etc

4-6 weeks: Expressions and Equations

Writing, solving and graphing equations and inequalities

4-6 weeks: Geometry

Angles, triangles, circles, geometric figures, area, surface area, volume, scale drawings

4-6 weeks: Probability

Mean, median, mode, range, probability, tree diagrams, sampling, making inferences