Girard Intermediate Guidance Department
Welcome to the Girard Intermediate Guidance Department. As the school counselor for Girard Intermediate School, my goal is to help promote a positive atmosphere that allows your child to experience and develop academically, personally and socially.

The mission of the guidance department is to guide and offer support to students as they learn about themselves, their abilities, their interests and their needs. Girard's guidance counselors create an atmosphere that allows  for individual students to experience and develop academically, personally, and socially.

Reasons to Visit Your School Counselor

  • To talk to someone who will listen.
  • To help new students adjust to a new school.
  • To help you manage a busy schedule.
  • To help you learn ways to solve conflicts.
  • To help you adjust to a new school year and make new friends.
  • To help you balance your family and school life.
  • To get help planning your future.