There Is No Place Like Room 10!!!




Dear Parents and Guardians,        

Welcome to Room 10 and the  school year!  It is my sincere hope and goal that each child in this classroom receives as many wonderful academic experiences as possible. 

This year in Reading we will be working very hard on fluency, comprehension, vocabulary and phonics.  Our JOurneys Reading Program gives the children many wonderful opportunities to read and learn! 

In Math we will be working on more difficult computation and problem solving skills. 

To do this I am asking that each night you set aside 30 minutes to practice repeated readings, vocabulary, spelling words and math addition and subtraction facts.  I know how difficult it is to balance family, responsibilities and jobs, but I hope that time can be scheduled for this practice.  All of the supplies to do this will be in your child’s ROAD binder.  Please take time to look through it and become familiar with each section of it.  This binder will go home nightly and must return the next day because it contains information that we need to use in small group reading instruction.  Spelling words are in the binder and will be highlighted by the teacher for the week.  In addition to reading and math we will be doing many Science and Social Studies activities.  We welcome you at any time to come into the classroom and see the many things that we are learning about. 

Behavior Management in the classroom is based on a color system.  Each child is on green (ready to learn) at the start of each day and may move up or down on the clip chart. We will also be working on the PAX system.

A child is placed on yellow when two warnings have been given.  In the back of their ROAD binder you can see their daily behavior noted.  Once on yellow they lose 5 yellow tags and 5 minutes if recess.

A child is placed on red after three warnings.  He or she will receive a detention and a disciplinary notice.  They also lose 10 sticks and 10 minutes of recess.  

Please initial the behavior chart in the front of the ROAD binder so that we are aware that you see how they behave in the classroom. 

Finally, be sure to check the “home school” folder nightly for notices, returned papers, unfinished work, newsletters and projects.  And as always please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  I look forward to a great year!

Sincerely,                                                                         Mrs. Nappo



Our Schedule...

Mrs Nappo's Daily Schedule


8:45-9:15. Morning Work

9:15 -9::30  Phonics

9:30-10    Large Group Reading

10-11:15    Small group reading 

11:20-12:05`Lunch and recess

12:05-12:50    Handwriting and Reading Interactive notebook

12:50-1:50    Math and Small group Math

1:50-2:30    Specials    Monday Computer Cart

                            Tuesday and Thursday    Gym

                            Wednesday Music

                            Friday  Art

2:30-3:15    STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math)

3:15 Dismissal

In the meantime, here are some helpful websites for reading and math practice...  (user name= prospectes password= bookflix) (no password necessary) (user name= prospectel password=pes) and user will be given to the children on small cards) (no password is necessary) (This site updates a peanut free snack list every month!)