Welcome to Speech is Fun!

Hi!  My name is Mrs. Barnes and welcome to my website.  This site is designed for students and parents to practice speech/language skills together.  

I will send emails to parents as to when to practice a sound and at what level.  Practice at home will be just that, practice.  Your child should be successful enough to practice the sound without you needing to "teach" it to him/her.  

About my website:
Articulation-  There are website and downloadable activities for the listed sounds.  Games that can be played with the picture pages include:
     • matching/concentration/memory (2 sets needed)  
     • Go Fish (2 sets needed)
     • I Spy ( I spy an item that is a fruit, is red, and is crunch. . . . .APPLE; take turns guessing and describing)
     • Cut out the cards and place around the house for "hide and seek" or "scavenger hunt"
     • Make up a sentence containing each word
     • Make a Tic-Tac-Toe grid.  Put a picture in each square.  You need to say the word correctly before putting an X or O on it.
    • Whack a Word- Put the pictures out on the floor.  Touch (or whack) each word as you say it.  See if you can say them fast!  You can also use a fly swatter to "get the words."
    • Game board- Put pictures on a game board (Chutes and Ladders) and play the game.  Say each word as you pass it and then use the word you land on in a sentence.
    • Make up a silly sentence by creating a sentence using 3 pictures.  
    • Knock out- Use sticky notes to cover up the words that you can say easily.  The goal is to cover the entire 
    • Roll a dice-  The number on the dice is the number of times you need to say the word.  Add math by 
            practicing until you reach 100.