Media Center Policies

Book Checkout Policy
By checking out a book, you assume responsibility for its care and timely return. Kindergarteners may only have one book checked out at a time. All other grades may have up to two books checked out to them. Second through fifth graders may also check out a magazine in addition to their two books. Students may have additional books checked out if they are in challenge reading groups or for classroom research projects.

Overdue Books
Books are deemed overdue two weeks after original checkout date.  The student can simply renew the overdue book if they are still reading it or return it to the library.

Damaged Books
If a book is damaged, you are responsible for paying for the damaged book in full.  Until the damaged book is paid in full, it will continue to count as one of the books in the student's possession.

Lost Books
If a book is lost, you are responsible for paying for the lost book in full. If the book is found after payment, money will be refunded in full, provided the book is not damaged. Until the book is found or paid in full, it will continue to count as one of the books in the student's possession. 

Open Checkout
Open checkout is available throughout the day. There may be certain times when open checkout is not available.  A sign will be posted outside of the library doors.

Inter-library Loans
All loaned books need to be returned to the other buildings the second to the last week of school. Failure to do so may impact inter-library loan privileges for the school.

Return Date for All Books
All books will need to be turned in to the Media Center during the last week of school.

Equipment Policy

Teachers and staff will designate certain students to retrieve equipment from the media center. These students should follow the procedures that have been taught to them by the media staff to ensure the equipment is not damaged when being moved.

The user is responsible for the care of all equipment and its return to the correct location.

Food and drink is not permitted in the presence of equipment.

Have clean hands when handling the equipment.

Equipment must be carried with two hands.

Desk space under equipment should be clear of all objects.

At the beginning of the school year, all classrooms will recieve a review on handling the laptops, iPads, and Chromebooks.