Barr Physical Education

Grading Rubric  Beginning Developing  Proficient  Advanced 
 Motor Skills Unable to perform basic skills. Sometimes demonstrates the ability to perform basic skills. Frequently demonstrates the ability to perform basic skills. Always demonstrates the ability to perform basic skills.
 Participation  Rarely gives effort & or does not have PE clothes. Sometimes gives effort & or occasionally forgets PE clothes. Consistently gives good effort & or rarely forgets PE clothes. Always gives good effort & or always has PE clothes.
 Personal Behavior/Social Skills Rarely show appropriate behaviors. Sometimes shows appropriate behaviors.    Frequently shows appropriate behaviors. Always shows appropriate behaviors.

As a PE department we teach that we can work to improve our fitness scores on the Fitness Gram test by working at fitness every day both during PE and outside of PE. We challenge them to improve in each area every time they take the fitness tests. There is a maximum score to some of the tests. If they are able to achieve the maximum score we challenge them to try and maintain the above excellent level of fitness they have achieved.