About us

An important factor that determines the efficacy of biological therapies in patients is the development of neutralising antibodies (NAbs). While some antibodies are harmless, others can negate the pharmaceutical activity of the drug, or cause potentially dangerous immunological reactions.

Even though a number of centres in the UK have begun testing for NAbs, uptake has been sporadic. Some clinicians question the need for these tests and others are unsure how the manage the process.  

NAb-Bio has been established to meet this unmet clinical need to test for neutralising antibodies in patients by focussing on three key objectives:

1. To provide clear evidence on the benefits of NAbs testing to clinicians,

2. To work with clinicians on a continuous basis to support the full end-to-end testing process,

3. To provide an unparalleled testing service for NAbs both in terms of rapidity and reliability. 

NAb-Bio is currently based at the Blizard Institute, Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry, Queen Mary University of London, and will be established in the future as an independent spin-off diagnostics company from the University. 

What is our unique selling point? 

In line with recent guidelines we have simplified the reporting and decision-making around NAb testing for interferon-beta and have designed a simple algorithm with a traffic-light system for your ease of use. We are the first company to simplify both the reporting and clinical decision making around NAbs in this way.