Welcome to Pre-Calculus!!!  
I hope you are as excited as I am to start the new school year!  Below you will find the classroom calendar which has each day's agenda, the course description, and the course syllabus.  Please use the tabs above to find content for each unit.  We will start with unit zero - an Algebra II review and complete through unit 3 first semester (4 units).  Second semester will consist of units 5 - 8.  The objectives for each unit can be found under the unit tabs.  There is also a tab for homework as well as answer keys.  Any book assignments will have answers to the odds in the back of the book.  

Please don't hesistate at anytime to contact me with questions; I understand math can be a challenging subject for many students.  Ask me in class, drop by my room, or send me an email (listed below).

-Mrs. Van Hoose
Course Description:  This course is intended for students that are planning on attending college as well as a preparation for Calculus (either as a senior in high school or as a freshman in college).  This class leads the student through increased comprehension of nonlinear functions through the use of angles, triangles, inverse functions, logarithmic functions, trigonometric functions, and conic sections. It builds upon previously learned skills (algebraic and geometric) and adds to those skills.  Students will use a unit circle and graphing techniques extensively in this course.  Graphing calculators will also be used throughout the course.  There is a set of classroom TI84 graphing calculators for classroom use.  If you do plan to continue in your math career, purchasing a graphing calculator is a good investment.   However, the purchase of a graphing calculator is a personal choice and is not necessary for this course.  Recommended calculators are: TI 83/84, TI 83/84 Plus and TI 89/89 Plus.  (Note:  TI 89/89 Plus are not allowed on ACT).  A classroom set of TI 84 calculators will be provided for student use during class time.  These calculators, however, will not be available outside of the classroom.  It is highly recommended that if students choose to not purchase a graphing calculator, students purchase a scientific calculator– for example the TI-30 by Texas Instrument- or download one onto a device he/she plans to have during class.  The calculator can be any brand but should have a square root button (√), and should have the trigonometric functions [sin, cos, and tan] and logarithmic functions [log and ln].  Students also have the option of using the calculator on cell phones or other electronic devices; however, they cannot use these on tests.

Contact Information Rachel Van Hoose
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rvanhoose@gilpin.k12.co.us **Email is the preferred method of contact.


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