Welcome to Algebra II!

I hope you are as excited as I am to start the new school year!  Below you will find the classroom calendar which has each day's agenda, the course description, and the course syllabus.  Please use the tabs above to find content for each unit.  We will start with unit one - an Algebra I review and complete through unit 5 first semester.  If time allows, we will start unit 6 as well.  Second semester will consist of units 6 - 9.   If time allows, we will also do a tenth unit on statistics.  If not, this will be available as a bonus unit and any material on the final about statistics will be bonus questions for extra credit.  The objectives for each unit can be found under the unit tabs.  There is also a tab for homework as well as answer keys.  Any book assignments will have answers to the odds in the back of the book.  

Please don't hesitate at anytime to contact me with questions; I understand math can be a challenging subject for many students.  Ask me in class, drop by my room, or send me an email (listed below).

-Mrs. Van Hoose

Course Description:   Algebra II will build upon the skills acquired in Algebra I with the goal of developing further competencies to enable students to enroll in either future high school math courses or a college-level algebra course; to further develop organizational and study skills that support the acquisition of new algebraic skills; to assist students in developing self-confidence in themselves and their math abilities; to alleviate feelings of math anxiety.

Contact Information:
Rachel Van Hoose
Room 341
Phone (303) 582 - 3444 ext 3050
Email: rvanhoose@gilpin.k12.co.us
**Email is the preferred method of contact. I am due to go on maternity for the months of Feb-May (mid May). However, you can reach my sub, Deb Benitez, by phone at my extension while I am out.

Algebra II

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Rachel Van Hoose,
Aug 7, 2015, 1:51 PM