Welcome to 3rd Grade

Welcome to 3rd grade. Third grade is the year that many things change for your child. Children in third grade are no longer learning to read. Instead, they are reading to learn. Your child will read math problems, science material, maps, social studies text, etc. Reading becomes a way of life and a way to unlock many things in the world. I like to ask you to help support your child by setting aside time each night for him/her to read. At times, it is good to have your child read to you. At other times, it is good to let your child read to himself/herself. Your child will also be writing in all subjects this year. He/she will be writing about math, science, social studies, and stories he/she reads. He/she will be writing creative stories as well. Again, any writing you can have your child do at home will be greatly appreciated.  Both reading and writing are skills that will help your child be success.

Email- kbayne @gilpin.k12.co.us  responses could take up to 24 hours
Phone- 303-582-3444 ext. 3133  Please leave a voicemail and calls will be returned before/after school or during planning.

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