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Course Description
This class will cover the history of the United States from the pre-colonial era through Reconstruction. All concepts and facts will link to the theme of cooperation and conflict between people and cultures leading to continuity and change within United States history and society. We will rely heavily on reading and writing skills. However, students will as develop skills in using processes and resources of historical inquiry, which include developing questions from primary and secondary sources, interpreting data from maps, complete research projects, quizzes and exams.

Discovering Our Past - A History of the United States: Early Years
Year At A Glance.......
Chapters from Text
(Subject to change based on students' needs and interests)
Unit 1 - Different Worlds Meet: Beginning to 1625
            Ch. 1 The First Americans
            Ch. 2 Exploring the Americas
Unit 2 - Colonial Settlement: 1587-1770
            Ch. 3 Colonial America
            Ch. 4 Life in the American Colonies
Unit 3 - Creating a Nation (The Revolution): 1763-1783
            Ch. 5 The Spirit of Independence
            Ch. 6 The American Revolution
Unit 4 - Creating a Nation (The Constitution): 1777-1792
            Ch. 7 A More Perfect Union
            Ch. 8 The Constitution
Unit 5 - The New Republic: 1789-1825
            Ch. 9 The Federalist Era
            Ch. 10 The Jefferson Era
January - February
Unit 6 - The Growing Nation: 1820-1860
            Ch. 11 Growth and Expansion
            Ch. 12 The Jackson Era
            Ch. 13 Manifest Destiny
February - March
Unit 7 - The Causes of the Civil War: 1846-1865
            Ch. 14 North and South
            Ch. 15 The Spirit of Reform
Unit 8 The Civil War: 1846-1865
            Ch. 16 Toward Civil War
            Ch. 17 The Civil War
Unit 9 Reshaping the Nation: 1861-1896
            Ch. 18 Reconstruction