Welcome to My Class

Welcome to Ms. Tallman's class website! I am so excited to be moving to 3rd Grade with my previous students. Ms. Bayne and  I are excited to co-teach this great group of students this year.  Similar to last year, I will be teaching the Math and Science portion of Third Grade.  Also, I am still in the same classroom. As always, teaching your child is a great responsibility that I am looking forward to. In our classroom, we strive to be a close community, help each other learn, and always put forth our personal best.

By the end of this year, students in this class will be able to 
  • Add and subtract within 1,000
  • Solve 2 step word problems involving all 4 operations
  • Measure length to the nearest half and quarter inch
  • Tell time to the minute and solve time interval problems
  • Understand the relationship of multiplication and division

Email-  ltallman@gilpin.k12.co.us    **Responses could take up to 24 hours**
Phone- 303-582-3444 ext. 3111 Leave a voicemail and calls are returned before/after school (and during planning)

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