CNC Swiss

Swiss CNC Machining Capabilities

  • Parts: Up to 7/8” diameter
  • Long parts - no theoretical limit in length
  • Short and long runs
  • Tight tolerance
  • Broad range of materials including exotics and plastics
  • Inventory Control: Flexible Stocking Programs – JIT Delivery

CNC Swiss Machining:

Machining of complicated components in a variety of materials including exotics is accomplished on our  State-of-the Art STAR multi axis swiss screw machine. Live tooling, powerful programing software  and capacity to 7/8" diameter allows us  to produce your most exacting Swiss screw machining components from prototype to full production.

Parts that are not possible or not practical on conventional CNC lathes and mills can be made cost effectively on our CNC Swiss machine.


Short complex parts done in one operation instead of multiple turning and milling operations.

Complex and long throttle shaft.

Super long parts can be made easily.
There is no limit to the length of a part that can be made in the swiss lathe using advanced techniques.