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Devices: Hapara - Teacher Dashboard, Highlights and Workspace

Hapara Dashboard streamlines teaching and school operations by making Google Apps for Education more useful and usable. 
Teachers can:  
Easily organize students into groups and observe their progress in summary panels.  Save time by quickly sharing documents with learners.  Improve mastery and skills development through formative feedback as it’s needed.  Support student success by providing parents with view-only access to project work.  Teachers can more easily view and guide student progress throughout their learning process.


Support for your Hapara Classroom

Video or Webpage
 Check out this video on Hapara 
Teacher Dashboard
Hapara Video
 Videos for 7-10th Grade Teachers and GCA Teachers
on using Hapara Teacher Dashboard
 Hapara Dashboard video
Should I use Google Classroom 
OR Hapara OR both?

Overview of Hapara

Hapara Workspace
(GPS trainings to come in June, 2016) 

Learn Hapara Teacher Dashboard 
at your own pace! 

Hapara Workspace Introduction and FAQs

FAQs for Teachers


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