Hang Clean


1.  Start Position
        - Feet under hips
        - Slight knee bend
        - Hands right outside of legs
        - Chest out and shoulder blades pulled together

2.  Transition to Power Position
        - Maintain knee bend and slide hips back (like the first part of RDL)

3.  Power Position
        - Bar will be right above the knee
        - Keep back locked and shoulder blades pulled together
        - Chest is over the barbell
        - Arms are straight

4.  Jump Shrug/Triple Extension
        - As soon as the bar hits the knee take an aggressive vertical jump while doing a shrug.
        - The bar will come up right along the body from the force generated by the jump.
        - Keep the bar close to your body
        - Elbows will not bend until your body is fully extended at the ankle, knee, and hip.

5.  Front Squat Catch
        - After full extension drop under the bar and catch it across the front part of the shoulders.
        - Land in an athletic position.  Bend at the knee, ankle, and hip.