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Gift of Reading 2013

Gift of Reading is a kid-led initiative to raise 5,000 new and gently used books so that every student at two elementary schools will receive three books each from Secret Santa in December 2013.

Gift of Reading was started by a student with a big passion for reading and sharing that with others. Today, the Team has grown to eight students and each is equally as passionate about sharing the joy of book ownership with others. They are reaching their goals through:
The ultimate success of this project comes from the support of the Community - schools, businesses, families and friends.  When we all join together to help, this big dream becomes a huge impact on the kids that receive the books by sharing the joy of book ownership and helping foster a passion for reading that will help kids succeed in the future. 

What started as one students passion for reading and sharing has motivated other students to discover their own passion for reading and all the adventure, laughter and discovery it provides to many. 

Contact information

For more information, please contact:
Stefanie Orozco
2205 W. 11th Street
Irving, Texas 75060
Phone: 972-986-6833