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Classroom Rules

*Listen and learn!
*Be polite and kind to everyone.
*Keep your classroom neat.
*Raise your hand to ask questions.
*Help your classmates and share.
*Do your homework, study, and always try to do your best!

Classroom Expectations:

1.       Attendance: It is very important to attend class every day. Although you will not lose points for absences, your grade will definitely be affected.

2.       Make Up Work:

a.      If you miss a quiz or test you will be expected to make it up.

b.      If you miss notes you should see a classmate to get them or talk to me.

3.       Readiness: You must be in the classroom on time with all of your supplies ready. You may not be permitted to retrieve your materials and the like from your locker.

4.       Do Now:

a.      Something new this year is what I call the ‘Do Now’ work. As soon as you enter the room you’ll find the ‘Do Now’ section and the work to be done at the top left section of the blackboard, unless otherwise specified.

b.      You’ll be given 5 minutes to finish the work in a loose leaf.

c.      Credit for this will be applied to the Homework   

5.       Homework:

a.     Homework is usually checked at the beginning of class and should always be done in the notebook unless otherwise specified.

b.      Homework should be submitted on time. There is no such thing as a late homework. Late homework is tantamount to ‘no homework’.

6.       Plagiarism: You are responsible for your own work. Copying of any assignment, quiz, or test will result in a zero for all parties involved.

7.       Quizzes: Quizzes are either announced or unannounced.

8.       Additional Information:

a.      Notebooks and binders will be graded at the end of each marking period. Credit for this will be applied to the Class Participation category of your Algebra grade.

b.      Progress reports are available bi-weekly on the First Term and by Marking Periods on the Second Term.

c.      We use pencil in this class most of the time.

d.       Mathematics is not a spectator sport! Class Participation is 20% of the final grade.

e.       I am available everyday from 2:45 pm till 3:45 pm for extra help unless otherwise mentioned.