Mentoring Program GHSD #69

The Germantown Hills School District #69 Induction & Mentoring Program is a formal, Illinois State Board of Education-approved program. All teachers new to GHSD #69 will enroll in the program. Mentors will be appointed by building principals. Mentors and mentees enrolled in the program will sign a contract of commitment upon enrollment.  

  • Novice teachers new to GHSD who have never participated in a state-approved mentoring program in another school district, will engage in a two-year mentoring program.
  • Experienced teachers new to GHSD, or Novice teachers new to GHSD who have completed a one or two-year state-approved mentoring program at another school district, will engage in a one-year mentoring program.

Mentors Make a Difference!

Mentors participating in the Germantown Hills School District #69 Induction & Mentoring Program will:

  • Provide new teachers (mentees) with structured and collaborative support. 
  • Promote professional development.
  • Foster positive attitudes towards teaching and learning.
  • Encourage commitment to the profession of teaching, the culture of GHSD, and the community.
  • Attend the Induction & Mentoring Program training provided to new teachers and their mentors prior to the first day of school.
  • Follow the Induction & Mentoring Program requirements as outlined in the program folder.

Mentor Qualifications

  • Strong role model for classroom teaching.
  • Indications of continual professional growth.
  • Willingness to give time to the needs of new teachers.
  • Hold a standard or master teaching certificate.
  • Good “people skills” and the ability to relate to new teachers.

Mentor Skills

  • Demonstrated expertise in the building curriculum with emphasis on the need to always look for improvement in teaching strategies. 
  • Demonstrated respect for individual differences in implementing curriculum objectives.  
  • Demonstrated ability to build confidence and provide encouragement to try new teaching techniques.
  • Ability to offer suggestions without evaluating the implementation of curriculum objectives. 
  • Ability to encourage the mentee to offer his/her ideas and suggestions for implementing curriculum objectives. 
  • A willingness to allow the mentee to observe the mentor in the classroom.
Mentor/Mentee Consultation
The mentor facilitates mentee’s understanding of the following GHSD policies and procedures:
  • Special education procedures using the Problem Solving/RtI program of delivery of service to students that are not meeting curriculum expectations, annual reviews, initial placement staffings and IEP meetings.
  • Referring a student for counseling services. 
  • Illinois State Board of Education testing program. 
  • Grade level/department curriculum expectations in English, Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. 
  • School-wide organizational program. 
  • General building procedures related to parent/teacher conferences, Back-to-School Night, curriculum, progress reports, report cards, student disciplinary procedures, requesting and locating teaching supplies and materials, e-mail, computerized grading system, use of LCD, VCRs, scanners, copy machines, etc., requesting approval for field trips, conference/personal/sick days, fire/safety procedures, etc. 
  • Teacher evaluation process.
  • See “Explanation of School Policies & Procedures Checklist” for further information.
    Mentor/Mentee Professional Development Hours (CPDUs)
    • All forms and documentation (all are online) will be shared with the appropriate administrators at the beginning and end of the school year. All mentoring activities must be concluded by the last week of school, when documentation will be shared for assessment and subsequent CPDU credit. All participants must follow-up with appropriate administrators to complete the ISBE Evaluation form before receiving ISBE Evidence of Completion document.
    • Mentors and mentees can receive professional development hours, however, ISBE criteria must be met.
    • EVERYONE must record to the nearest 1/3 of an hour, the time spent fulfilling Induction and Meeting Program requirements on the Mentee/Mentor Meetings Record FORM and it will be custom made for you and for your mentor.
    • Mentees MUST fill out the Mentee Observation Reflection, which will be custom made for you and your mentor,  after observations and/or meetings with mentor.
      • Select to receive a copy of your responses. FORWARD your response to your mentor.
      • MENTORS: Go to the Mentor Program spreadsheet and respond to the mentee's reflection.
    • Mentors and mentees can earn CPDUS if they record all of their meetings on the form; engage in reflective practice and document summaries of reflections, relevant discussions AND reference any of Danielson's frames to the reflection.
    Mentor’s compensation
    • Two-year mentoring program: $450 for 1st year/$300 for 2nd year
    • One-year mentoring program (“Year One” only of GHSD’s two-year program) $450 for one year