7th Grade Homework

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 Social Studies:

Previous Unit - Mythology Project

Current Unit - Feudalism

Next Unit - Renaissance 


Monday 1.14    

   -Tales of Norse Mythology

   -Feudal pyramid

   -Castle Creator Assignment


Tuesday 1.15/Wednesday 1.16    

   -Tales of Norse Mythology

   -Feudal pyramid


   -Castle Creator Assignment 

Thursday 1.17

   -Tales of Norse Mythology


   -Create Your Own Manor

Friday 1.18

    -Tales of Norse Mythology


    -Create your own manor

 Language Arts

             Monday, January 14 to              Friday, January 18 

MONDAY, 1/14

-Read your novel for the assigned number of pages.

-Be prepared to share your Giver presentation this block day. 

TUESDAY, 1/15 & WEDNESDAY, 1/16: 

-Read your novel for the assigned number of pages. 

-Complete your vocabulary study tool before class on Thursday, 1/17.


-Read your novel for the assigned number of pages. 

-Study for summative on 1/25.

FRIDAY, 1/18

-Read your novel for the assigned number of pages.

-Study for summative on 1/25.

 Math 7 (1, 3, 4):     

Current Topic - Equivalent Expressions

Next Topic - Equations

Week of Monday 1/14 - Friday 1/18:

Monday 1/14: Expressions review day
HW: Review Guides due day of summative (see below)

Tues 1/15, Wed 1/16: Topic 7  Test, One-step equations
        Class 3: Tuesday 1/15      
Class 1 & 4: Wednesday 1/16
No homework

Thursday 1/17: Two-Step Equations

Friday 1/18: Writing Equations


Science: Week of January 7

Topic: Chemistry

Monday(All Day): Concentration Labs

Tues. (Block)/Wed.(Block): Sand/Salt Lab

Thursday(All Day): Salt Movie & Review for Quiz

Friday(All Day): Solution Quiz


  • Density Gizmo due Thursday!
 Compacted Math 7 (7/8):     

Current Topic - Equations

Next Topic - Linear Equations

Week of Monday 1/14 - Friday 1/18:

Monday 1/14: Writing Equations
HW:  Word Problem WS due Tues. 1/15
Write & solve, showing all work

Tues 1/15: Multi-Step (distributing and combining)
HW:  Finish and submit through Level 4
due Thurs. 1/17 **use email with link to submit

Thursday 1/17: Multi-Step (variables on both sides)

Friday 1/18: Number of Solutions and Practice

 Foreign Language:    


  • Should be completed:   The packet with family and the verb tener                   AND the online textbook activities #1-8
  •  December 12th. We are working on a Flipgrid presentations on family and students are  planning this  now and will record the video on Wednesday,  They need to bring in one or more  family photos.   
  • December 13th and 14th  --Quiz on Family, verb tener and possessive adjectives.  This will be a written test.    


 Wellness (Mrs. Lee) 

Week of 11/12 to 11/16
Anyone who's in Health right now that would like to retake the mental health summative should study his/her notes and do the quizlet on Schoology. Retakes will be on Friday, Dec. 14th during recess in the health room.