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Monday, June 12--Michigan's Adventure
Bartlett's Math Homework: 
Bird's Social Studies: 
Whipkey's Social Studies:
White's Social Studies:

Tuesday, June 13
ELA:  Book Club meetings and last library visit/Book swap
Homework: bring a pencil tomorrow
Science: Finished Endangered Species Reports and Journals, Reviewed Angus Trip 
Math:  Warm-up, Notes 10.2 Histograms  Correct worksheet 
Homework:  ALEKS
Bartlett's Math Homework: ALEKS
Bird's Social Studies:  - Unit 4 - Lesson 1 "Religions"  and Culture
Homework:  None
Whipkey's Social Studies: Cultural Fair, Day 1
Homework:  NONE
White's Social Studies: Culture Common assessment tomorrow.
Homework: Latin America map quiz for interventions students only

Wednesday, June 14
ELA: Summer reading lists
Homework: Read 30 minutes at home tonight (or 150 minutes each week). 
SCIENCE: JQ #61 Test over invasives.
Math:  Warm - up - Notes 10.3 and 10.4 - 
Homework: ALEKS
Bartlett's Math Homework: Correct and finish division mad minute
Bird's Social Studies: CNN10 - - Intervention students - Unit 4 Lesson 1 - Religion numbers and regions
Homework: Mapping Lab - study guide (quiz on Tuesday, June 13)
Whipkey's Social Studies: Cultural Fair, Day 2
White's Social Studies: common assessment/One global culture? essay
Homework: Latin America quiz on Thursday for intervention students only

Thursday, June 15
Homework: Summer reading!
Science: JQ #60 and "Great Lakes Packet"
Math: Interim Assessment Test
Homework: ALEKS
Bartlett's math homework : 
Bird's Social Studies:  CNN10  Unit 4 - Lesson 1 - Religion Regions and worksheet
Homework: Mapping Lab Quiz on Wednesday - Unit 4 Writing due on Thursday
Whipkey's Social Studies: CNN10, Mapping Lab, and TFK
White's Social Studies:  Latin America quiz for Interventions students only
Homework: no hwk

Friday, June 9
ELA: Reading day/Yellow folders
Homework: Read 30 minutes/Last book club meeting on June 13, 
25 book reading assignment due today
5 sentence paragraph on what you could learn from a character in your book club book due on Tuesday
All book club journals due on Tuesday, June 13
Homework: enviromental issue poster
Math:  Hands On Equations  
Homework: none
Bartlett's Math Homework: ALEKS
Bird's Social Studies:    - Religion Lesson Geo-histogram- Unit 4 - Lesson 1 
Homework: no homework
Whipkey's Social Studies: Map making
White's Social Studies:Culture and religion
Homework: no homework
*Bring new or used books from home to the library book swap at the end of the year
Michigan's Adventure on Monday, June 12--arrange for pick up at 5:15-5:30 pm at White Pines
Please do not park in the bus lane when picking up students from Michigan's Adventure
All books due to the library now