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Van Delivery Route 4

Each piece of mail sent on an AEA van must be marked with the name of the person the mail is being sent to, his/her school building and district, and van route number.


Tuesday & Friday

Driver: Nic

AEA – Glenwood Regional Office

Glenwood West Elementary (3-6)
Glenwood Superintendent
Glenwood NE Early Childhood Center (PreK-2)
Glenwood Middle (7-8) & Progressive Learning
Glenwood High School (9-12)
Fremont-Mills Schools & Superintendent (PreK-12)
Sidney Elementary (PreK-5)
Sidney Middle/Sr High & Superintendent (6-12)
Marnie Simons Elementary - Hamburg (K-6)
Hamburg Superintendent
Nishnabotna Junior/Senior High (7-12)
Farragut Superintendent 
Shenandoah Elementary/Middle (PreK-8)
Shenandoah High (9-12)
Shenandoah Superintendent
Essex Schools & Superintenent
East Mills Elementary (Hastings) (PreK-6) & Superintendent
East Mills Jr/Sr High (Malvern) (7-12)

Delivery/Pick-Up ONLY as needed for AEA materials:
Glenwood Resource Center
Nishna Productions - Shenandoah
IWCC - JTPA - Shenandoah
Shenandoah Life Skills Program
Nishna Productions - Malvern



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