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Physical Education

Is the emphasis of the physical education curriculum on recreational, conditioning, and health skills, which can be used over long periods of one’s life? 

Has the curriculum been designed to avoid an over-emphasis on contact activities, which may lead to extensive gender segregation within physical education classes? 

Multicultural, Gender-Fair Education Page 6 Does the physical education curriculum reflect the contributions, perspectives, interests of diverse racial / ethnic groups, both men and women, and persons with disabilities? 

Examples: Soccer as well as football 

Table tennis as well as tennis 

Dance as well as weight lifting 

Synchronized swimming as well as water polo 

Lacrosse as well as softball 

Have community resources been tapped in order to diversify the physical education curriculum? 

Examples: National Guard - rappelling and cross country skiing 

Community - bowling alleys, archery clubs, golf courses, 

swimming pools, skating rinks etc. 

Are the cultural origins of the various activities and games discussed when introducing students to a new activity? 

Is participation in all activities which make up the physical education program open to both genders? 

Are locker room facilities equitable for boys and girls? 

Are the bulletin boards and teacher made displays in the physical education environment representative of the cultural/racial diversity in the United States, and the roles open to both men and women? 

Do teachers avoid lining up or grouping students for activities by gender? 

Do teachers use heterogeneous grouping as opposed to homogeneous grouping for P.E. activities? 

Do male and female instructors team comfortably for planning and implementing the physical education curriculum? 

Multicultural, Gender-Fair Education Page 10 PHYSICAL EDUCATION STANDARDS 


Demonstrate mutual respect and sensitivity toward one another while taking parting in physical activities in co-ed and diverse groups. 

Demonstrate an awareness of how stereotyping, sexism and prejudice have been historical exhibited in the fields of recreation, athletics, and health 

Explore a broad range of careers in the field of recreation, health, and athletics regardless of their gender, racial / ethnic background or disability 

Understand the importance of regular physical activity and health maintenance skills for all persons regardless of their gender, racial / ethnic background or disability